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Hot Water "High Jinks"
Another anecdote submitted by Charles G. Pefinis (“PIF”)
87th Division, 345th Regiment, Company G.

In early January 1945, I started infantry basic training at Camp Howzey (near Paris ) Texas . We call it Camp Lowzey .

In our new group of aspiring infantrymen was Mike. Mike was from the Deep South somewhere and was a finagler par excellence! Mike’s family was in the plumbing business covering everything from cesspools to installing plumbing in fancy hotels.

For some reason which we could not comprehend, Camp “Lowzey” had the hottest water in the world!

Fresh, downy faced, young recruits were arriving each day. Mike suddenly had a brainstorm! Working feverously one night with several of us holding flashlights, Mike managed somehow to divert the plumbing to one of the toilets from cold water to the steaming hot variety. Somehow too, he managed to make the pressure two to three times greater.

As a new recruit came in to sit on one of the toilets – all of which were exposed, (as we all know), somehow a whole bunch of guys suddenly had “to go”. Only one toilet was unoccupied. Guess which one! We waited expectedly for the victim to flush.

Oh man! There was much hooting, hollering and screaming. The screaming coming from the “red bottom” victim!

It was interesting though, to see how quickly these red-bottomed victims quickly converted to gleeful perpetrators on the arrival of fresh white - bottom recruits!

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