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"Operation Beer Rescue"
William H. Muehleib, served with the Air Corps in WWII. He asked for Hawaii as a dream place to begin his service. The dream became a nightmare on 12-7-41! Here he recounts an experience on that day.

I had arrived on to Hickam Field on TDY from Wheeler Field for a twelve week course on aircraft mechanics. When you graduated you received S/Sgts pay regardless of your rank. Well, in the 10th week of the class we had a formation where we were told that the following Monday we were being formed into a ground defense battalion with 50 caliber, live ammo. Of course the fact that we had never even fired a 30 caliber much less a 50 did not enter in to the decision. This was just before Thanksgiving day.

When you figure there were twelve classes of about 20 students a class, it was about 240 plus people on shifts of two hours on and four hours off on a 24 hour cycle. On December 5th, we were told that we would be going back to class the following Monday, December 8th. The 21st Infantry were coming down from Schofield to relieve us. Of course that never happened. Any way, one of the most important installations on Hickam was the beer garden, nicknamed the "Snake Ranch", why, who knows. During the attack one of the Japanese planes made a hit on the Snake Ranch". Blew it all to hell with cases of beer going everywhere. Would you believe that in between strafing runs we had GI's dashing out of there cover and hauling cases of beer back to there holes. The rallying cry was not Remember Pearl Harbor but Remember the Snake Ranch.

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